Kara (luminous_pearl) wrote in moving2portland,

Moving to the lovely city and looking for new friends!

I will be moving to Portland, Oregon January 20, 2009! I couldn't be anymore excited than to start my new year in such a beautiful city!!!
I am coming from Fort Worth, Texas and ready for the change.

Currently, I am a sophmore in college who will be attending Portland State by the summer, however I am in need of a place to live and people to meet. My boyfriend is living in SE Portland right now and when I get there I will stay with him until I find a roommate/decent living area. Does anyone need a roommate or willing to get to know me and some of my good Texas friends living in Portland already?

I don't party, I am very responsible, love reading and writing. I am a professional photographer and enjoy traveling all over the world. Very down to earth and extremely open minded.
Let me know if anyone is willing to meet up!!!
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