Cicada Chef (mrrranda) wrote in moving2portland,
Cicada Chef

hello... neighbor?

Hope this is appropriate...

My boyfriend and I are moving to Portland sometime after Thanksgiving 2007 (it keeps getting bumped back, raaarrrgh), and we'd just like to acquaint ourselves with local artists, as new friends, collaborators, or even just to tap a few folks with some practical questions. If you live in the area, we would love your advice on housing, getting around, frugal living, arts organizations, galleries open to submissions, etc.

I lived there briefly after college - anyone here remember Gracie's Birdcage, or The Compound warehouse studio/squatter's hive? - and am eager to move back, but I imagine it's changed... last I heard, Zoobomb is still careening through traffic once a month and Reading Frenzy is hanging on by a thread.

It's still under construction, but you can see some of my stuff on this website. Even though I went to school for photography, that experience pretty much sucked all the joy out of the medium, and now I do mixed media/collage stuff and paint. Right now I'm really into making dodgy wee beasties out of ceramics and polyclay, which has me thinking about getting a second degree in animation.

Looking forward to hearing from you....

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