BikingBettie (bikingbettie) wrote in moving2portland,

The Plan to move to Portland is in speaksies now

Hello Community -
My Boyfriend and I are planning a move from Florida (Tampa Bay Area) to Portland, OR. He plans on heading up before me (as I am the 'breadwinner' and need to keep the money going if you will) and also have to get my townhouse in order for renting before we move up there. We plan on being completely moved up there no later than the end of August 2009.

We are both looking forward to being in a community that is cycle friendly, earth conscious, beautiful everywhere you turn and has seasons change! We went up there for a vacation and to see some of his closest friends who have lived up there for a bit.
We're looking to live in the SE area of Portland, hoever can anyone else suggest other neighborhoods that are similar?
Also - I ballroom dance and found a TON of dance studios in the area. Does anyone have any preference? Maybe ones they go to, etc?

Also - if anyone else has any input, suggestions, etc., I will happily welcome them.
Thanks much!
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