Clara (travelmercies) wrote in moving2portland,

Links that helped us when we moved...

My husband and I have officially passed the 7 month mark of living here. We moved here from Ohio and have not regretted it once. I thought I'd pass along a few links that were very helpful for us. It took us awhile to find home, but we if you're getting frustrated, we understand! (a good place to stay while visiting or passing through and very cheap!) (Zinester's Guide to Portland) (Our neighborhood's website, if you're looking in the SE) (Dirt Cheap Guide to Portland) (It's a place to start) (local alternative paper, check the classifieds for jobs & apartments) (worker collective cafe...our second home. go here for good connections and info) (Powell's Books job postings...we both work here and they post jobs quite often since people are always moving up in the company.) (The best co-op in the SE, they also have a community board and offer lots of free classes to their members!) (The local public transportation website. We sold our car when we came out here and have gotten around fairly easily by bus and train. Check here for directions to and from.)
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